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A new name: Rollins

One of the most difficult (current) termination points in my tree is my great grandfather, Thomas Carr Rollins. To have a termination point that close is so frustrating, but somewhat understandable given how old he was when my grandfather was born. Indeed, he was born during Slavery times in the US . . . a point I share with others to demonstrate how not so far removed we are from that period of history. Recently, I stumbled across a printout from an old Family Reunion booklet that talked about him: "Thomas Carr Rollins was born around 1860 in Pitt County to slave parents. At a very early age he was separated from his parents, his brother and his sister. Sadly, he was never reunited with and never knew his family. Though he lost is identify and his heritage he went on. He adopted the last name "Rollins" from the white family that reared him. When he grew up and was able to take care of himself he left Pitt county and moved to Currituck County. Later he moved to Mart

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