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Colorado Connection?

Colorado Connection: the Andersons go to Denver
A recent exciting DNA connection prompted me to write down what I know about the Anderson branch of my tree's migration from Calvert, Texas to Denver, Colorado. I stumbled upon this information during one of my periodic sweeps of newly digitized records. Ever thankful for relations with unique names -- in this case, Clarenda -- I was able to confirm that move and even add additional nodes to my tree.

As I've written about before, my great-great grandfather, Henry Garrison Cross, was first married to a woman named Josephine Anderson. What I haven't shared before is information about her family...because it was a mystery! But after reading every page of the 1880 census for Robertson County Texas, I made the reasonably logical leap that the only other Anderson family in Robertson County, who also happened to live in Calvert, and who also happened to be listed only a page after Garrison and Josephine (and thus likely lived in cl…

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