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Poor But Not Lost - Henry Garrison Cross (1853-1922)

Henry (?) Garrison (or Gaston) Cross This is another one of my ancestors that has proved elusive, my great-great grandfather. It doesn't help that his name could be listed in many different, sometimes common, ways. As of now, I think I've confirmed he has been listed as (in the order I found him):  Gaston Cross, Garrison Cross, H. Garrison Cross and H.G. Cross. That makes it VERY tough to track him with only spotty records. I haven't been able to confirm any references to Henry Cross. Without an additional data point, it's just too much of a leap to rely on. So imagine the joy I felt in finding this, in the Saturday, First Edition of the 28 January 1922 Dallas Express newspaper: Thank goodness for my great grandfather's unique name (Garfield), otherwise I would have doubted that this was indeed my great-great grandfather. I believe he was born in Arkansas in or around 1853, to Eliza Cross and a yet unknown father. At some point prior to 1880, he, his moth

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