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The Story of Ann Boyce

I was doing some tree clean-up and stumbled upon this intriguing family dynamic. (or maybe it's just intriguing to me)

My g-g-g-grandmother, Ann Small Boyce was born in or around 1847. She was married to Theophilus Boyce, who was born in or around 1823. (20+ year difference! Not uncommon, but still...).

I Ann and Theophilus are terminal points for this branch of my tree. You would think with a name like Theophilus I could find out more, but 1870 census is the earliest I've traced them. Somewhere I found "Small" as a possible maiden name for Ann; but that's all I have for now...

Ann and Theophilus went on to have approximately 11 children, 10 of which who were still living as of 1900 - Moses, Ambrose, Roseanna (my g-g-grandmother), Sarah, Mary, Stephen, John, Elizabeth, Armesia (?), and James.

Ann was as young as 17 years old (likely younger) when she had her first child. She then proceeded to have a child every year for the next 4 years. This may be surprising b…

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