2014 Research Goals

I've read, more than once, recently that as a genealogist, it's important that your research goals are clear and laid out. Otherwise it's very easy to get off-track and forget your original goal (that's not to say that "tangents" can't produce exciting unintended consequences).

I've hesitated put-off doing this because, in all candor, my family history research is really a byproduct of my (undiagnosed) ADD. So to actually get organized, seems to totally undermine the whole point of this. 

But now that I've joined a group of like-minded individuals -- AAGSAR -- I'm on Twitter, and I have even begun to blog about my work, I suppose it's time.

So here are my research goals for 2014:

[♪ ♫ CUE THE MUSIC ♩ ♬]

  1. Obtain the pension files for my Civil War ancestors: Pvt. Jonas Griffin and Corp. Issac Bains (alt. Baynes) and follow-up on all leads found (including the possibility that Issac Bains was a slave prior to enlisting with the USCT).  DONE!
  2. Get photos of my Texas kin from my newly found second cousin once removed. [U.N.C.: ] DONE!
  3. Successfully complete the 52 Ancestors Challenge!
  4. Solve at least one Mystery. DONE!
  5. Figure out this whole DNA+Genealogy thing [helpful suggestions on where to start, appreciated!]
  6. Visit Williamston, NC, Oxford, NC and/or Dallas, TX for research and connections.
That doesn't seem like much, but in keeping with the "A" prong of Smart Goal Setting, I'll leave it there. 

I'll keep you posted on my progress!


  1. Nai Jai, your "cue the music" link is just too cute for words . . . ROFLMBO!

    Oh, this is a wonderful post my dear! The S.M.A.R.T. goals that you have shared are definitely specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and timely with regards to your family research. Oh and this talk about . . . this doesn't seem like much . . . trust me when I say that items 3 & 5 alone are enough to keep you actively engaged in your family's research for many years to come.

    Looking forward to watching you progress through this year!


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